How to Remove Urine Odour from a Carpet

Remove Urine Odour From a Carpet

Carpet area easily gets sickened and untidy when it becomes unhygienic or even starts looking horrible by time. In case of making it less disgusting, we often use some of the domestic things which help to maintain its attractive look. Especially it hurts the most when somebody pees on a mat either he is a child or an animal and leaves a permanent stain which keeps giving a frustrating view all the time. Apart from this, the most repulsive thing is its odour even when we apply some of our solutions on stains; No doubt it banishes those marks out of the carpet but the odour that urine lefts, keep exaggerating over time; moreover, we can say that it is the most irritating thing that can ever happen to a mat.

The urine odour sticks to a carpet very soon so it is necessary to become aware of it as early as possible because the more it gets older, enhances the chances of bad smell reaching to the padding of that rug which then becomes impossible to take out. And after that, if you are able to remove all the smell out of the carpet and still you feel like the smell as the padding of carpet absorbs the entire stink and therefore the whole carpet area gives a terrible odour. Basically, padding is the main issue of these odours so it is better if you observe it right away also it will be easy for you to get rid of the bad smell of urine. Normally bad smells occur the most in humidity or we can say that rainy days are the reason that creates more smell in carpets.

 Urine Odour Removal Service From a Carpet
Urine Odour Removal Service From a Carpet

Now, Carpet Cleaning Modbury will talk about some methods of removing these odours and while doing the given procedures make sure to keep patience as it might consume time whilst much of the awful urine odour will be gone. There are some of the very essential household items such as baking soda and vinegar which are always present at our home so it does not even require any extra expenses. The success rate of these substances is relatively low but something is always better than nothing; so, the odour keeps eradicating within 2 or 3 attempts.

  • Initiate by sprinkling a good amount of baking soda on the affected part of your mat.
  • Then let it sit for a whole day because baking soda has the ultimate power of absorbing the moisture out of the fiber.
  • Within a day the spilled baking soda will soak the dampness as well as balance the ph level of your padding.
  • Then extract it from your mat with any soft and mild brush.
  • If still, you observe any bad smell of urine on that area; then, apply a little amount of vinegar by spraying it on the stinking area.
  • Pull out the carpet and spray out the vinegar on its backside too, so that it will touch all the urine that your carpeting contains.
  • Apply enough vinegar in the padding of the mat to take out the smell entirely.

In addition to this, if you notice the urine after it dried out then first you have to rehydrate the urine and need to extract it thereafter. For which making a solution of vinegar plus water is a better choice. Just pour it on the urine area on the carpet and place a towel for blotting or transferring the moisture from the mat to the towel.

Urine is also likely to penetrate under the padding into subfloor which then spoils the floor tiles too so it is less harmful to deal with it when it just occurs as it can be handled by blotting it up again and again with any absorbent tablecloth which cannot even cause any bad odour in your carpet even consume less time and efforts.